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Red children transformation three years without maternal and infant product sales growth performance has constantly been catch up

All said the woman and the child's best earn money, now this covers maternal and infant women and children's many gold market, let many traders particularly jealous. However as early as, with this idea is not much, really start to do is more rare. Red is the child of a fancy market blank, early in as China's first maternal and infant products sales B2C platform, goes into the the line of sight of people.
Speaking of red children, as the hot wheels on the NaZha, all the way through the red bottom. From to children red always kept a 260% to 300% of thekids tricycle manufacturer annual average growth rate, 08 red children have sales income approximate 10 to. And after transformation of the, its momentum went way down, 2010 company website and directory two pieces of business operation income and the flat. And so far this year in December in the accounts is expected to be 1.2 billion to 1.3 billion yuan between, staying power is not enough.
Red was one of the XuPeiXin ever let children leaving, "if the speed of children, after red this year do 3 billion yuan absolutely no problem." But it now seems that red child performance test, from the after transformation will have to decline, in order to achieve this china children tricycles goal is not very practical. Dangdang network LiGuoQing founder and in micro bo says "dangdang network of maternal and infant product sales volume is more than a red children."
Why the first foray into sales platform red maternal and infant children, in transition after three years, constantly to be beyond? Early 2009 children determined the four big red industry of the new strategy has gone hand in hand, in addition to retail in media, logistics and financial field, with its its macro product logistics, for example, in less than two years time children tricycles china experienced from independent operation to be incorporated into the internal to the twists and turns. In its core retail industry, red from a single child before the maternal and infant products increased cosmetics, food, health care products, household goods and so on six big kinds type, and give up the feed products, toys, stroller, wash protect product and own brand product line.
This series of product extension, let red child from maternal and infant market, expand to new areas, the founder of one ChenPeiXin such children red definition company orientation:
ChenPeiXin: red children have three positioning, the first is the customer as the center. The second is to meet our customers' needs products; The third with efficient and convenient way to satisfy the customer service. The three positioning you can see we indeed children tricycles supplier is the earliest maternal and infant as the core of the customer, we in order to meet the needs of different them, we may also has the cosmetics, food, health products, and even household products. That these we appear to be a group of customers in the purchase, but demand is different, and more like red children actually, with the traditional retail difference is that the traditional retail is to sell things for manufacturers, red children from customers in terms of take the needs of customers to the pick, for the customer to buy things, this is a sell hand and buy a hand difference.
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