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Stroller world, all in the stars

      The company is the largest independent brand electronic electric toy, one of enterprise, including stroller is company's flagship product, and electric stroller to account for the company stroller such sales for 79.23%, in 2009 the company in the domestic market share of electric stroller independent brand enterprise the second.
      Global toy market is in the ascendant, emerging marketschildren cars become the main power later growth. The developed countries are still the main consumption market, but because its population structure and consumption habits have relatively stable, the future growth of the space is not large. And emerging market is different, consumption ability and consumer groups all have larger space to grow up and later will be the increase of the main power.
      Domestic toy market will continue to keep the late fast growth the situation. In-09, the year all maintained at an annual average rate of 20% or more. ride on cars Especially 09, the main market in Europe and the recession, domestic toy market reached a 26.15% annual growth rate. Later, with the steady economic growth, people disposable income increase, and the baby boom continued, China's toy market will continue to maintain the fast growth trend.
      Technology research and development and brand, channel is a company's greatest competitive advantage. The company in technology research and development on the fast hair should be ability, and insist on their own brand of sales and promotion, kids tricycle and 45 countries and regions global sales layout, constitute the company of the largest current competitive advantage.
      Offering shows that the future will be cast project main stroller direction. Offering divided into two project vote, respectively is electronic electric plastic toy production base construction, and the research and development testing center construction, children tricycles from his specific content to see, the company's future development key is still stroller series. We believe that this direction accord with the development of the industry trend, and can better play to the company's existing advantage.
      We expect the company of 2011, 2012 and 2013 earnings per share were 0.67, 0.91 and 1.23 yuan. In 2011, 35 times PE and 2012 28 times PE, baby tricycle give the company the medium and long term, reasonable valuations interval 23.45-25.48 yuan, considering the primary market discount, we give the company's inquiry range 20.77 21.44 yuan, corresponding 2011 PE of for 31-32 times PE.
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