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Pre-school education need special funds to "up"

This year, guangzhou pre-school education special funds increased to $200 million, guangzhou private education special funds rose to 100 million yuan. In 6 days of preschool education held in guangzhou three years action plans run by the development of kindergarten at the scene, guangzhou bureau chief said, this year guangzhou bureau of finance will shift for the remaining funds into pre-school education takes the lead in construction. Guangzhou pre-school education next year special fund is expected to reach 300 million yuan more. (7 December "yangcheng evening news")
To improve the quality of the kindergarten, ensuring the safety of the children grow up healthy and happy, education level, teachers must ascend perfect facilities such as school bus equipment, this needs in funding fluctuation kongfu. Therefore, guangzhou pre-school education special funds model is worth for reference. But also must pay attention to is, special funds in support kindergarten construction, but also deal with poor families to aid, safeguard the rights of the child preschool education.
Several days ago, a photo spread extensively on the Internet, photograph the contents of a cleaner in the street cleaning, a piece of red rope totrike kid her waist, red at the other end of the rope is a car stroller, stroller sitting on her son of 3 years old. The mother had incurred the child childcare fee, had to work in this way in the child with you. This phenomenon is disturbing. In recent years, China's widening income gap between rich and poor, gradually differentiation serious, for large and medium-sized cities in the low levels of family life, every month of childcare fee is really a bunch of spending, this kind of unable to pay for day care fee and make the child into the nursery school family must not a few.
Through the special funds to poor families subsidies can reduce the appearance of this kind of phenomenon. Specific operation is not complex, provinces and cities for the application of the method can be used as a reference. Special funds managementtrikes for boys department can according to local income level and difficult family allowance specific conditions, combining special funds investment amount, list the application requirements, in certain income below sea level, and has in the kindergarten children of school age should be the family can submit an application, special funds by preschool childcare subsidies give appropriate fee, reduce family, ensure that children can smoothly into the park.
And in some remote rural areas in western China, the rural families facing not just the childcare fee expensive and unable to pay the questions, there's more serious in the local children's education institutions not set of problems. Some children who live in the mountains, to be in kindergartens age, but because no open nearby kindergarten, had to follow my parents evenings by the fire, listening, some families had to will age are small children tricycle for 2 year old  into the early primary school. Set up a preschool education special funds, is the solution of this problem a good way. Every year in accordance with the local government can be certain proportion will be part of the financial income into this special funds, in these areas in the use of funds will focus on rural poverty family day care fee subsidies, as well as rural kindergarten construction, realizes in the battery powered ride on cars area of a certain distance to a nursery school construction, solve the children's pre-school education problem.
Deng xiaoping has said, education to grab from baby. In young children is open mind, for child future child development the important time of lay a matting, received a good preschool education is indispensable. The author is hoping to have more areas can learn guangzhou special funds pattern, for children education to provide a powerful funding.
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