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A bitter have tired also have joy

Enjoy the leisure time in it but now  electric ride on cars when the "child slave". The reporter interviews, found that some old man willingly, some is necessity.
Willingly type. Live in the garden trillion abundant of ms. Li said, his daughter and son-in-law are busy working, plus the mind is not mature, itself is children, let them take care of children, in their next to looking at all tired, not to help the share said kid tricycles not the past. Also speaking, with little guy although tired, but the fun is, look at little guys babble, a toddler, and pushing buggies to go to the park, and to the little guys show tricycle for adults beauty along the road, say a happy.
Be compelled helpless type. "The shopkeeper stopped in-laws, can we do? Don't let the young couple spend thousands of dollars a month for a nanny?" Live in the cool and refreshing the old grievances thering is no lack of saemaul undong said. tricycle baby Just retired, he had a free and unfettered: friends and they play chess, and walk LiuDiao, making those flowers and plants. In 2009, and the girl gave birth to the big chubby boy baby, in-laws prior statement in poor health, "take not to move". Old piece for the old couple the responsibility of taking caretricycle for toddler of the children, the children and very naughty, a day down, Mr. Zhang just feel the waist sour backache, considering the daughter son-in-law of work hard, because tricycle adult only stuffy in the belly pain.
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