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People's scientists "well, love, dream"

Yesterday, qian xuesen's birthday. In Shanghai jiaotong university xuhui campus northeast corner, afternoon air is the flavor of the winter, to avoid a long time waiting for the audience, he opened to the library in advance. Just more than two hours, 1216 led ticket into the library, more than half one thousand people of the limited flow. The young couple tricycles for disabled children of pushing buggies, note taking big middle school students, wearing a helmet subway builders, and the old man helped each other turn, visited the people's scientists spontaneous.
Northwestern university philosophy of institute of mathematics MengKaiTao professor, recently in Shanghai university of TCM for graduate students on "Yin and Yang, five elements mathematics and the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine" course. Yesterday he have see a see money museum mentor, "because my five books are the old gold." (next turn version 7)
(up to the first edition) from 1985 to 1996, MengKaiTao qian xuesen communication with 16 times, two meet of 7 hours. More than 20 years ago, as a lecturer of he wrote a paper, is the northwest university press of rejection. He defy spirit, first wrote to for advicetricycles for older children on qian xuesen; Eleven days later he received a reply, the old inspired him to carry out the "thinking mathematics" research. Since then, MengKaiTao every development and the experience, and communication with the old, old even introduced him and su buqing meet. "The old is a system scientists, strategic scientists, he is far more than the effects of our space."
In addition to the old "gratitude" specialists and scholars, and love of the old "fans". On the eve of the opening of the nine in 10 o 'clock, live in pudong zhangjiang of old man considers diligent to "units". "I know that it is the second day afternoon before opening to the outside world, but seeing is believing, come first asked to know." The donghua university of school-run factory workers who retire it is prepared, take a money order hall hall will open a this folder, it was full of the space industry in our country related clippings, and died in 2009 of qian xuesen when a series of reports.
The old man to find a the liberation daily "news perspective" of the layout of the manned space greatly reports, standing in the old statue in own breast before launch, please others for their time. "I really want to laugh, but didn't, not too teeth to laugh." Considers diligent the old man said, when I was a child in the ship life, looking at the aircraft in the air, envy can't ride on cars china get enough. "Qian xuesen brought us to heaven, and space, fierce!" Said, her out of the package and took out a small national flag, ", and do we take an!"
People's scientists to bring the people, still have a dream. For 12 years old with the DongKaiYuan and any leaves with a companion to, they's birthday, television is the our country was the first manned spacecraft "god five" flying, family asked them to "grow up to want what to do," they seem to discuss good, a people to imagine as make space research qian xuesen, another man want to when Yang liwei such an astronaut.
The museum as a money more than 300 volunteer announcer, one of higher education research institute of Shanghai jiaotong university three baby tricycle china students MaoYan said: "whether QianXue 'experts' to our training, or some visitors and our mutual communication, let us see a no aura of the true qian xuesen." For example, in Shanghai jiaotong university at the beginning of the study, with all my heart qian xuesen holding "railway saving the" dream, in railway mechanical professional; But in "a · 16 18 days after Shanghai machine bombing, qian xuesen to elective aviation engineering, which established life path. "Everyone for a dream, and he and do every step forward is for the country go."
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