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Children's products whether go "circulation economy"

Now, the material life rich rise, nearly every house is only children. From the child was just born, parents are busy with buy the buy that, along with the baby grew up, a lot of baby products be idle, don't know what to do. Recently, the citizens Mr Zhou met such confusion, wants the old baby supplies free send out, but by repeatedly declined, are these really only cast of? Mr Zhou said, if can recycling up, not very environmental protection, low carbon?
But by free repeatedly declined

"Give children the trolley and buy XueBuChe, spent more than five hundred, basically or new, children, with a friend's house. Recently heard that child was born, they want to just send the past, anyway, as to his family is idle save some money, but who knows but was declined." Recently, live in the star city full day Mr Zhou feel very helpless.
According to Mr. Zhou introduction, when he was a boy, pick up my brother or my sister's old clothes to wear, is often. "The family is not bounteous, children trike for 2 year old  and pretty much, to save a lot of money." Mr Zhou said. In older people, so the approach is thrifty, after all children to grow up fast, bought this year, next year may fit, and want to buy new, so just a waste. "My father used to save, send to the cart friends, but also he brought out, were declined, and is probably because the idea of young people now different now." Mr. Zhou told reporters.
With the development of social economy, today, basically family conditions can be said in the past, the children were "an only child", who is not willing to again "grievance" the child. Mr. Zhou think, now young people and older different, in their view, let your kids in second-hand goods, that had no face, health and to guarantee, so would rather spend some money to buy new.
The child supplies spending big

"The child began, need 3 things: XueBuChe, small the bicycle, the cart." In the city a specializes in baby supplies, jiefang road in the store, have introduced the clerk said. In addition, TongFu did not say, we have to prepare children sit implement, children ride on ride on cars for toddlers cars for toddlers  bed, swimming treasure, baby cradle, these things such as XueBuChe, the cheapest and 80 yuan, your will be 300-400 yuan.
In the store, the child has already three years old lady said together, as children grow up, if not better treatment methods, and these things will be idle, also recently in contact with relatives, to see if it can send the past some, "because that is what can, when buying, costs just a not small, so away, too bad." All she said.
Net friend:
Consumption idea should be mature

In a local BBS, reporters search second-hand maternal and infant products and find that still have many citizens post, or buy, or sell such products. Through the network, when contacted a maternal and infant products for the net friend of ms. Wang, she thought, "there are some things is not necessarily new, used as long as health, health, can normal use. Such asused adult tricycles stroller, child's bed etc, these things such as a little child, a little bit big, is useless." Ms. Wang seems in, the whole social environmental protection concepts and consumption to be mature.
"In their hometown, if any have children, have relatives will send used clothes and XueBuChe, there's nothing to worry. If have used children bed, XueBuChe, cart to sell, if appropriate I'd buy, affordable, recycling waste not." Ms. Wang said.
The reporter interviewed some random net friend, found that many of them are the 80 parents. This part of the crowd and in changing ideas, through the BBS and other network platform, positive mutually transfer second-hand stroller, child's bed, baby clothes and toys and other supplies, it was also seen as realize resources recycling save money, low carbon life philosophy.
After a pair of 80 parents think so, baby of cotton clothing material through more soft, and after cleaning, exposure to the sun after disinfection, will not affect the baby's health, so will they students baby hour hou through cotton underwear all take back home.

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How to give the baby choose second-hand goods
If the plan to give the baby use old baby products, so, first of all to pay attention to health, try to use boiled water scald, and in the sun air is basked in, it will help to tricycle for 3 year old disinfect. In addition, to use old toys, old eat chair, old household swing or other second-hand baby supply before, to carefully check their damage or the missing parts. They carried by the tape, rope, seat belts, do not longer than 18 centimeters. Focus on some countries promulgated by the latest product safety standards, get old baby when things, first check one. In addition, the factory of 10 years of above metal or take paint toys, there might be some toxic elements, don't give baby to play.
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