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A laid-off women "people industry"

      A small woman became the laid-off venture of good small boss, a acceptance of the unemployed shopping plaza became again of obtain employment "training factory". BaoAiMin roughly a calculate: former partners and "hand" has nearly 10 people children cars have been mix quite flawed. Kind of BaoAiMin never nothing back. But, but because of the people the supermarket and really, and helpful step the good reputation of the fast lane.
      XiaGangGong creating "people brand"
      In this small town biomass fuel, many people know BaoAiMin. "A few days ago I went to a hardware store, the boss spot I, 1 vigorously kua I received a lot of XiaGangGong". Was the XiaGangGong BaoAiMin did not consider himself is doing charity, believes "enterprise is small, with little ability, but do something".
      But, think of oneself is up poor power should win ride on cars so good public praise, 41, she very happy: "I also gets 40 years in the company, let the sisters are rich, everyone together magnificent and victorious to do a real public welfare." Reporter in fashion shopping plaza people see, thousands of square shopping square divided by functional area, there is danger area, children's clothing products area, children's household area, toys supplies area and so on, not only decorate grade, and products are all large and medium-sized cities in common in high-grade brand. And, so large square all displayed open-shelf sales, information management and service standards.
      "This scale, the scale and the management pattern of professional children's apparel supplies stores, in heze city also rare." To a fashion shopping plaza shopping people all the goods and services by here, to the laid-off women operation ability of tricycle  "Quite fashionable, goods is complete, have good children stroller, mickey bag, barak, Johnson &johnson barak clothing protects skin to taste, MeiZanChen milk powder, all is the common name brand, have never thought to jinan in county can buy this goods."
      Kind help out "people industry"
      People of good products and service supermarket is pretty good, in local public praise pretty good also. But, in the boss BaoAiMin eyes, this is not the most worth showing people the supermarket capital. Really make her feel proud of is that, in her to lead, altogether and she played together more than 300 unemployed sisters, mostly skill a body safe day, many pioneering capacity of a strong, still in her encouragement self-reliance portal do his business.
      And in that small town of biomass fuel, a businessman brand and reputation more closely related. The reporter understands, people in the supermarket and and it familiar among people, people speak of supermarket to people, in addition to speak the supermarket products and services, more willing to speak BaoAiMin female boss of the love story. The clerk small element is BaoAiMin "hindoo". In 2004, the small business, not business failed, BaoAiMin defected. BaoAiMin learned that its woes, arranged intentionally small grain part-time dry cleaners and children tricycles shopping plaza two jobs. Two years, small grain business mind is developed, choose the do-it-yourself floor business. Now, he has bought two cars little meat often call BaoAiMin "to discuss consult business". BaoAiMin "draw out the sweetheart" willingness to employees, not only teach their skill and operation and management, and even put customer resources "with both hands.and reaching out" to help its business.
      ZhaoAiQin from the south to work after a move into the door to BaoAiMin, follow her dry in 67. One day she like to kiss sisters voluntarily find ZhaoAiQin said: "depend job development or slowly. Now that you have some ability, can try oneself do something." So, BaoAiMin to operate their own years of China business over to her, also free to help her contact suppliers, scouring the customer. "There is help money helping things, no such business is transferred to the somebody else's." Someone "criticism" BaoAiMin "with good 'reckless'".
      At present, the supermarket management present "snowball" type development trend: the majority of repeat customers, is still growing; But a new customers, many old customer with a batch of and a batch of new customers. Many people said, more than 10 years, BaoAiMin sell what what they buy. Business is good, BaoAiMin help the bottom spirit more sufficient, in addition to nearby of the employees, customers and so on, she began to participate in a series of public welfare activities.
-enterprise file
      Based on 1000 yuan of sewing shop, and several baby tricycle laid-off sister business together, people fashion shopping plaza biomass fuel so slowly "grow up", the annual sales millions yuan, also has started up the children's clothing people supermarkets, people dress Co., LTD, fashion shopping plaza, people people new supermarkets industrial, stood in plant business feet, in heze business circle also small machinery.
      Person and work
      To tell you the truth, people in the supermarket is a sales tens of millions of small businesses, the scale is not large enough, not much technology and innovation, and belong to the most thin and the profit impact the biggest traditional retail. But such a small businesses, such a traditional industries, but in local bigger and bigger, influence love supermarket is the core competitive power???????
Not in scale, it is not just about business model innovation but in people. Have BaoAiMin zeal, honest, selfless help others, also have due to bag the boss was driven by the staff and customers. From the standpoint of sales, this call word-of-mouth marketing, if BaoAiMin and her people supermarket small successful words, it, achievements into in the public praise, in BaoAiMin man into the boss! Enterprises have words: no die industry, only the dissolution of enterprise. Although BaoAiMin engaged in retail is very traditional, WanFan for flow, but, little love but more fat. Enterprise culture, in fact, is that the culture of entrepreneurs.
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