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The soil is festival festival festival, someone like someone sorrow!

Christmas and valentine's day, April fool's day... And one of the "western festival" was introduced into China in succession. The festival was introduced into China from when to start? Has been difficult to research, but undoubtedly, these foreigners festival was introduced into China is rapidly after people accept, some becomes the celebrate every year of one of the day, this is a reality.
With the emergence of "western festival" and it gives people life brings the quietly change, someone like someone went away. Like a young gens for, secondly, business and tourism department is. The reasons of the nature is quarter or more joy, festive celebrations, soaring profits; Care of old people who were in the majority, probably as a result of good static characteristics like that, in old people and "western festival" festival and carnival as if not natural, they cannot bear to see young people's unbridled and thing not training. Not long ago, someone who cry out: boycott "western festival", save the traditional festival, to commemorate patriotic poet qu yuan "Dragon Boat Festival" as a "" off" project, request the protection of the world!
The author lived in the south of China guangzhou. The following, is about the media in recent years about people in guangzhou "Christmas" report of the excerpt:
Although the north a strong cold air last night (24 December) have started to influence the guangdong, but last night's guangzhou street, market and bar, and still filled with "a Christmas Eve" as an excuse for the people in guangzhou, full of lively rich Christmas atmosphere.
Christmas hat sell the fire
Last night, from the tianhe city to xiajiu pedestrian street, guangzhou major business flourishing land are overcrowded and start businesses purchase and smile. The friendship store on huanshi launch commercial marketing carnival last night, acrobatics, singing, dancing, and performance; Tianhe city is out early in the morning Christmas gift area, many tricycles for toddlers citizens are straight to the shopping mall next after work. Sell the most of the fire is Christmas hat, whatever the corner, red Christmas hat has become a leading role, have shiny hat tip, and have an glittering, and wear hat people both babble young children, also have the white-haired old man.
Up and down nine people mountain people sea
Last night at 8 30 points, nine people on the way up and down a Marine, everyone can only with people moving slow. The Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Christmas gift, Christmas carols, Christmas hat, such as Christmas card is full of whole loaf of xia jiu road. A selling cookies and chocolate shop of documents, wearing a Santa Claus with miss sales side to hemp the packaging, part to reporters from the afternoon now to complain doesn't stop, "even rice haven't how to eat!... I think I probably sell 2 or box of chocolates!"
And in nine square up and down, then set up the blue of the stage, the stage of an impenetrable scene was almost suffocated. According to the statistics, and the citizens of nine last night in more than 40 to ten thousand.
In addition, last night, guangzhou greatly small ten several churches are packed. Located in people's road, it has a history of 70 years of "Christian tin AnTang", just in the near future to a trims, last night, on Christmas Eve, to as many as one thousand people of religious worship, seats are limited, many people had to look at the door, waiting for someone to make empty seats left.
Hong Kong boss left-behind fang village bar street
Night at about 7, time excessive colour fang village customs bar the street has white sticky goose down pool 'clock, the rows of craft gift files and food files, in the night in the cold wind of attracted many citizens. A group of wearing a white dress  baby trikes young girl "angel" walked back and forth in the street, the lights in compose full of Christmas tree look particularly moving. And each bar is spare no effort to with colored lights and the Christmas tree will dress up the door more atmosphere, at the entrance of the gate of the hostess wore red Christmas hat, smile kind.
In last year's Christmas Eve, Hong Kong people kang also in Hong Kong languifang and friends to bars together last night, he is to the boss's identity in this article "guangzhou languifang" said the bar of the street in a bar, a smile to every customer nod welcome, and waiting for the deeper night of time would really a surge of bar-hopping crowd.
According to information, white geese pool bar street about fifty percent of the bar is to the north of Hong Kong people by business investment of opening. And as "left-behind" kang Hong Kong boss and DengYongZhi. The Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui already have a bar's boss, has been in his "Casablanc" bar busy, at any time to clear up some employees failed to heed to the little details. According to DengYong ZhiSuo know, several of his white sticky goose down pool bar in Hong Kong are no boss to the Hong Kong.
Foreigners guangzhou Christmas Eve
Canadian joge is a student, and he YanJiangLu in the bar told reporters: this is the first time he spent Christmas Eve in China, and also for the first time in the restful night's bubble.
He told reporters in a foreign country, Christmas Party is essential to the Christmas tradition, there are usually family and lover type two kinds. In Canada, they generally will not go out at night in peace, but a size at home have a Party, a meal at a Christmas trike for toddlers Turkey dinner. Joge praised guangzhou busy Christmas atmosphere not less Canada, "I'm glad to see there are so many Chinese people love this festival". And the other an American teacher kalen is to reporters "complaints" : "you Christmas!!!!! So hot in we there, now is white, really cold! And your Christmas trees and snow is plastic, that's interesting!"
Guangzhou is China's southern door, also be the forefront of reform and opening up of the city "western festival" whether the attention of than the mainland to advanced some? Will people pay attention to most traditional festival of the Spring Festival and  tricycles for sale Christmas two phase comparison, the author found that in fact that's not entirely true. And again see the following information:
This is from Shanghai: "Spring Festival and Christmas has a different meaning," to teach in Shanghai financial college song of the woman said, "the Spring Festival is the day of family reunion and, and Christmas is a friend and the day of the carnival. To me, both very important."
This is from changsha reports: on December 24, 2002 media outlets with various Chinese published about Christmas advertising, market hotel on the glass tricycle baby trikes also says "merry Christmas" HeYu, young head wear Christmas hat in droves hold in the street, bubble is in a bar. For the moment, the Chinese are celebrating the year's most important traditional festival, the Spring Festival. Both between, the young
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