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"Dragon baby" parents to snap up danger of products

The heze city with "auspicious dragon" for the pattern of the baby clothes, toys appear sell like hot cakes. Heze is home to more than the danger of business management and hiding inside the store at present a lot of sell like hot cakes product is "dragon's parents to buy. 2012 years is the dragon, the dragon born baby or will stick, urged the hot danger ahead of the market.
10 day morning, heze city in a hospital in gynecology and obstetrics, do for pregnant women in wonderment. The hospital doctors ms. Wang said, "dragon baby" year to cluster was born, do before the inspection in pregnant women, basic is more trike for 1 year old than ten people every day, but nearly two months, although there is no specific statistics in the number of people do inspection, but this obvious increase a lot than before, and a lot of pregnant women is the first time YunJian do.
Dragon born baby or will stick, a lot of danger of product firmly grasp the business opportunities, put out a series of and "dragon" theme related products attract must mom and dad. Many baby clothes, toys with "auspicious dragon" design makes decoration, a product of the danger of business for many years Mr Feng says, a lot of people very attention to trike bikes for kids children the animal sign, like tiger, dragon, such as cow zodiac are considered to be very auspicious animals.
"The year of the animal sign on to that, there are many baby was born. In 2010 many tight little 'HuWa' was born, in-store baby bed has time very tight, last year with many danger of supplies price hikes." Mr. Feng said, now the store a lot of danger of items, such as bottles, clothing, a baby bed, bassinet etc, also is "dragon baby" prospective tricycle baby bike parents purchased.
At the press of a few other danger visit sites, the owner called home, thinks the market next year. The owner of a danger of napa said Mr. Liu, 2012 years of spring has gone &equipment, and compared with the same period last year, a lot of danger of price increased 5% of all products-10%, and remove other multiple factors such as the rising prices, rising prices for may be a repeat of the HuNian "HuWa" cluster was born mistakes, heze danger as retail terminal tricycle bikes for kids shop more, "dragon's survival cost or other years, the baby is a few higher.
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