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The French people get married SuiFenZi how?

In the Chinese view, France is one of the world developed country, people work is sure money; France is world-famous fashionable country, things start to certain leading a charm. This analysis, the French marriage more to do things to FengFengGuangGuang, relatives and friends exalt couple, the new number hand money to the sour, the fact it's not.
Generally speaking, the French SuiFenZi married, roughly three kind of case: the first is the parents, brothers, sisters, etc directly-related members of the relationship, for the new candidate early good gifts, such as flowers, perfume, jewelry, vase, stroller, toy and so on, gift box, writing on the bless words, marriage that day, to new people. If unable to attend the ride on cars manufacturer wedding of the family, and even worlds apart, also want to advance the gift to send, the symbol of a feeling, a wish.
In the second case, before getting married couple out a list of items required, distributed to friends, let them choose the right gift from above, as a wedding present. France has always been a exquisite economy, practical people, to avoid the relatives and friends gifts repeat, or in the life of much use and cause waste in the open list of such before marriage, precious little of jewelry, electronics; Middle-grade have perfume, shoes and hats; A simple kettle, water cup, socks and bottle caps, and so on. The plan benefits, is the giver's view, new home economic and practical, both sides are willing to accept.
The third kind of situation is new fete relatives china kids tricycle  and friends. Sometimes some relatives and friends in the couple's wedding to, often in their after marriage, is invited to speak a reasonable price, comfortable and cozy restaurant at the pinch, edge said, chatted, charge by treat party out, even if the part with. This approach to eat A A traffic system of the French people, can yet be regarded as A warm, close communication with, very romantic flavor. In general, the French SuiFenZi gifts don't send money to get married. If sister married, sister spend a few days, will all kinds of flowers into a bundle of flower basket weaving hard, above the kids tricycle china beautiful design meticulously and bless words, younger sister see will only too delighted to accept, sincere thank her. If the situation appeared in China, can let a person anywhere, I'm afraid I is arduous dirty thing.
From the French SuiFenZi marriage, we can see that the method of different social ideas and cultural psychology. Simple, said Chinese people get married to send money, hooking, part of the pronoun is money, money to mind to, how much of the money determines the thickness of the relationship between each other. The French people get married SuiFenZi, disdainful of gift of talents, just moved to each other heart of sincerity and gift chic, value a kids tricycle supplier romantic and warm feelings.
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