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Please give the old drift "a warm harbor

In order to children's happiness, a lot of old people change even sacrifice life, following children came to their homes, they faced a language barrier, life discomfort, lonely lonely difficult problems.
Separation of the "miss her
"Qi qi lovely, not afraid, aunt will gently, it doesn't hurt......" November 29, morning, in the urban xinlong community medical service station, with a ShenYuMei XingHua words coax are hanging water granddaughter.
55 years old ShenYuMei is the richest man XingHua, five years ago, she was married female son in taizhou, the husband has not retired, she left her, to help bring the baby son taizhou. "My granddaughter now 5 years old, she is my life down with three years ago, son to nanjing work, daughter-in-law is very busy, was going to back to the, later gave up".
ShenYuMei said, usually have little granddaughter is happy with, but sometimes inevitably feel lonely. Although their hometown conditions than here, but making those fields, SaSao addition, give wife do cook, neighbourhood clusters of door, daily ride on cars life is full. "Now son in other place, her daughter-in-law, granddaughter setting out early every day in kindergarten, the day I be a person at home, even a talk of the people are not. Plus I used to say XingHua dialect, out of the house, generally can't and talking to people, and it is hard to make new friends."
"Day watching the time from work quickly to her daughter-in-law, I will stand on the balcony, looking at her home......" ShenYuMei helplessly say, this was her daily part of life.
ShenYuMei said, lonely not only is their own, a man in his hometown, occasionally have to take care of the sick is not in the side, two people have to contact phone, think quite sad.
ShenYuMei said, "wait for a little granddaughter again big, taizhou, their son back the couple have time to take care of the children, and I will return to XingHua home."
Health care is very different to submit an expense account trouble
The southeast of downtown garden seedlings buckle the old couple is liu with son to an old lady taizhou.
"Great grandchildren, no need to take care of us, as long as we stay with the children around, let them secure job." Liu seedlings buckle said they the old couple from anhui province, this plan to live in her hometown, but son hope they in the side, three generations cohabit home as lively point, 2 will also can fulfill his filial piety. So the old couple boldly to taizhou.
"Every day, look at books, newspapers around the park children here, home is in here." Liu seedlings to adapt to the new life buckle faster, but after fresh strength, the old couple found, they are still pretty lonely, and neighborhoods met just nod akids tricycle good, and always kept a distance; Sometimes to community want to chat with neighborhood, but found that a language barrier, don not get in a word.
Liu seedlings to buckle decided to active life fun. Every night, she jumped off a square dance, just start she won't, also embarrassed jump, but stood looking at. Gradually, she tried to jump in the last row, have never thought a jump on addiction, now every night report on time.
Liu seedlings buckle, and said, son, daughter-in-law often stir them go out to travel, tour is not within the territory of the problem, but if go abroad, a lot of trouble. "A passport, visa to return to their countries of origin, their hometown in anhui?" Let liu seedlings inconvenience buckle, and medical insurance can't in local submit an expense account, every once in a while to see here of the medical insurance documents send back. "Although our account is not here, but for permanent taizhou, we hope to be able to better in this city." Liu seedlings buckle revealed many "old drift" voice.
Please give the old drift "more care
Say to the old drift ", actually we side this kind of man is really a lot, a lot of pushing buggies out for a walk old man, all belong to the group.
Recently, China youth daily social research center of 3161 people, a survey showed 98% said there around the old drift, phenomenon, with 63% of people said "old drift" common.
In order to have a better future children, change even sacrifice life, is a lot of "old age drift" of common choice. An investigation shows that, "bleaching" of thechildren tricycles  three major reason, 83.2% said is "help children to take their children"; Second is to take care of the children's life, accounted for 61%; And 42.2% of the people said, because the "miss children".
The old man will meet the family of bleaching what problem? 71.5% said they are "social circle will narrow, lonely"; The second is "health care, social security problem" (61.6%), and children living habits, easy to produce different contradictions "(59.2%), and" came to the strange city, will be overwhelmed, "" children, old man passive separation condition Co., LTD", "the language", etc.
Taizhou college sociology professor CaiGui such as think, "old drift" is the product of rapid social development, this phenomenon reflects the modern family internal "parent-child relations" great change, also reflects Chinese social structure profound change. He thought, to old people, "old drift" phenomenon produce sorrow xi and half. Happy is, "bleaching" is the premise of your children can with company, share the joys and sorrows; "Bleaching" is the result of soul get comfort, the emotional get full. But of care is, as a result of "bleaching" derivative of a strange environment and unfamiliar faces bring to the urgency of fusion, and the formation of a newbaby tricycle stress and feelings of loneliness.
"For these parents, who themselves should embrace a kind of a more open, actively to incorporate new city." CaiGui such as Suggestions, children work again busy, also should be take time communicate with their parents, encourage them into the new community; The government should consider the elderly group in the social security, health care, and other aspects of the need, reduce the regional policy barriers; The community also should be more suck
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