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In order to "new generation" injustice "the old"

NianJinHuaJia, should have been at home, an old lady, but choose to strange city, watching their children for children, they are called "old drift race". In fact our side "old drift race" pretty much, a lot of pushing buggies out for a walk old man, all belong to the group. Their life situation is what kind of? How to face life? Grandson about bored bao-zhan miss home
December 9, morning, the reporter comes to teach a china children cars drift of taiyuan city big yellow house, nearly a year in order to take care of him, the son of just went to school in September this year the wife of sick leave, from "bleaching" to taiyuan city. Old huang main job is to ferry their children to school. Son, daughter-in-law work favour, not at home all day, every day old yellow to keep up late, and son, daughter-in-law home.
The day really boring, the old yellow is to community YueBaoLan before check the newspaper. Son, daughter-in-law afraid of old yellow to boring bad, specialized give he applied for a QQ number, but old yellow can't type, and so every took the grandson of textbooks to learn the alphabet. Old huang said: "kind of all his life, came to big cities like isolated. Sometimes miss home background!" Miss distance her phone every day in Taiwan
In order to take care of the grandson of birth, the 58-year-old lee aunt from taiyuan "bleaching" arrived in Beijing. In Beijing has a daughter room and the life children cars china condition is fine. "But Beijing the tempo of life there is fast, in taiyuan used to the quiet life, first came to Beijing feel uncomfortable."
In a phone interview, lee aunt told reporters, her daughter for finished the housework every day, the small grandson pretty well settled in, and sat down on the sofa to call her in taiyuan. "His mother-in-law is I am most concerned about man, every day watching TV, I also special attention to taiyuan weather".
"The heart, and forget her every day I told him to take medicine on time, the day was cold to add his clothes......" Some time ago to taiyuan the heavy snow, lee aunt played more than 10 a day on the phone, remind wife don't go out to walk, snowy road children cars supplier slippery. But in the door of your wife or fall, fortunately, fall off not serious, the aunt li's friends worried look after the wife for a few days.
Lee aunt told reporters, actually himself in Beijing's humbled, especially in their spare time, go out shopping right, am a stranger here fear not find back, in the community nest here, also have no relatives and friends can front teeth. "In order to" new generation ", can only "injustice" for our generation! But, again have a few years, such as the kindergarten, my grandson also can be safely back to taiyuan ". Calling on the government to community and family please more love "old drift race"
Reporters in the provincial capital many kindergartens, primary visit found before, so that the "old drift gens" really quite a lot.
Recently, China youth daily social research center of 3161 people, a survey showed 98% said there around "old drift race" phenomenon, where 63% of the people said, "old drift race" common.
Investigation shows, the old "bleaching" of the three major reason, 83.2% of the people are "help children to take their children"; Second is to take care of the children's life, accounted for 61%; And 42.2% of the people said, because the "miss children".
The old man will meet the family of bleaching what problem? 71.5% said they are "social circle will narrow, lonely"; The second is "health care, social children cars manufacturer security problem" (61.6%), and children living habits different, a long time easy to produce the contradiction "(59.2%), and" came to the strange city will be overwhelmed, "" children, old man passive separation conditions," "is a language barrier", etc.
Many milletxpert thinks, "old drift race" is the product of rapid social development, this phenomenon reflects the modern family internal "parent-child relations" great change, also reflects Chinese social structure profound change. To old people, "old drift race" phenomenon produce sorrow xi and half. Happy is, "bleaching" is the premise of your children can with company, share the joys and sorrows; "Bleaching" is the result of soul get comfort, the emotional get full. Of care is, as a result of "bleaching" derivative of a strange environment and unfamiliar faces bring to the urgency of fusion, and the formation of stress and feelings of loneliness.
These parents should hold a more open mind, active integrate new city. Children work again busy, also should be take time communicate with their parents, encourage them into the community; The government should consider the elderly group china ride on cars in the social security, health care, and other aspects of the need, reduce the regional policy barriers; The community also should absorb them to participate in more cultural activities, enhance their sense of who they are.
Our newspaper called for, do children's spending more time with "drift dad drift mama", chat with them, understand and meet the emotional needs of the old man; Encourage them to positive attitude to face the new environment, active and communication, expand the scope of social, try to introduce the old man to take part in some of the community culture and sports activities, and happy to "bleaching" a.
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