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Stroller 4S concept store to lead the industry trend

Stroller, cover the baby stroller, walker, bicycle, car batteries, bicycles, and other categories. According to relevant statistics of the stroller industry, kid tricycles manufacturer the Chinese stroller market spending in 2007, 2008, 2009, reached 15.8 billion yuan, 17.4 billion yuan and 19.1 billion yuan. The next few years, with the advent of a new round of baby boomers, the Chinese stroller market share will continue to increase. The stroller has gradually become a necessity for children's growth process. After careful market research, combined with consumers increasingly professional, subdivision demand for services, 2012 CBME Exhibition Hall W1 grand launched a set of sales experience, customization and after-sale maintenance market feedback in kid tricycles china one stroller 4S concept store. Stroller 4S concept store is to promote pregnancy baby industrial refinement, a bold attempt to upgrade the innovative stroller model shop in Terminal Services mode for pregnancy baby industry has set a children tricycles china new benchmark for the promotion of pregnancy baby industry the new round of growth has a positive significance.
Author:Jiaxing Super Baby Carriage Co., Ltd.
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