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taking into account the Chinese market has been gradually is saturated

Many Chinese stroller industry who can not help but ask, why the "gold" is replaced by "fine"? The obvious answer is because the triple along hardcover aircraft ride on cars carrier of World stroller industry, the manufacture of excellent quality hardcover stroller, "fine the child Lady" also expressed the love and trust of consumers Sanhe along its hardcover stroller.

    In 2012, we also noticed, things are always developments and changes in the prevalence of the Internet today, this change is "rapid". For example, in recent years, high quality stroller by Baby "luxury" evolved into a necessity in the children's growth and development constitute. Trolley, walker from infancy, to childhood bicycle, bike, as well as the change of the stroller consumer groups, the upgrading of the consumer market, you can see that the stroller market more and more fiery is an indisputable fact.

    More importantly, we should recognize that network marketing has become China stroller owners melody, see the stroller behind consumption, still lurked parents hopeful mentality, in other words, the parents buy a stroller, not just buy the stroller, but hope that the stroller can become a child's playmate, can help a child's intellectual development, is why Sanhe along several years ago on the basis kids tricycle of the hardcover stroller highlighted the educational function of the stroller.

    Face 2012 stroller industry, taking into account the Chinese market has been gradually is saturated, may at any time be staged game fish eat slow fish. Therefore, the the stroller manufacturing enterprises in China not only to note that the main theme of change, but also to product innovation and marketing innovation, in order to survive in the fierce competitive conditions.
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