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"Zero inventory" of child car safety seats into the seller furnishings

It is understood that China's first mandatory national standards on motor vehicle child seat restraint devices for motor vehicle child occupant restraint system took effect on July 1, the formal implementation. The industry believes that, after the introduction of the GB, will help raise public attention for the child restraint, however, the reporter visited the local market kid tricycles learned, most parents and even businesses this standard are ignorant of the child safety seat market is abnormal deserted.

In the afternoon of the 11th, two hundred nineteen a kindergarten near the door, most of the parents to pick up their kids come to a drive to. The reporter random survey of more than the car is waiting for the child to school the parents, which most parents that do not know the child safety seat to trikes for boys the new GB of that there is no intention to purchase child safety seat. Parents Mr. Deng told reporters that their own children are generally sitting on the main drive behind the position, If you take the co-pilot will wear seatbelts, speed is not fast drive yourself slowly and wearing a seat belt, not a big problem .
Author: Jiaxing Super Baby Carriage Co., Ltd.
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