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The European split infant stroller month off nearly two hundred and famous

export to Europe split infant stroller last month in order to repay 18 to create wealth readers, opening up the cost price of the sale of special (see the newspaper children tricycles on 13 November 14 edition reported). The the infant stroller shopkeeper Wang recently by calling 18 to create wealth hotline 85188518 says, Handelsblatt readers to buy highly enthusiastic, less than a month's time, 300 infants and special stroller has sold nearly two-thirds.

Wang introduced, special infant tricycles for toddlers stroller three color choice, including the basis of the standard models have red, sapphire blue, faint, apple green and purple, rosy red, red, navy blue sports upgrade section on luxury xuanfu terms red, black, faint, purple, green fruit. "Red stroller infant and the most popular, accounting for more than half of the sales," says Wang, the customer generally expressed, the red very gas field, with our own car with all pipe material good frame part adopts aluminum material, both light and rugged, quality solid body the tube rack thinnest pipe wall thickness not less than 1.5mm, single branch pipe by the force of up to 30KG after T5 aging treatment, the overall carrying 50KG, looks fairly upscale.
Author: Jiaxing Super Baby Carriage Co., Ltd.
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