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Pinghu stroller reporting higher export credit insurance support

      A few days ago, borrow pinghu foreign trade policies to support the machine, pinghu stroller industry association with the foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau actively, China's export credit insurance company jiaxing offices and the association member has carried on many times the communication consultation, and finally determined that the whole trade for joint pinghu stroller, China's export credit insurance company give preferential rate, at the same time, pinghu foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau giving is high general enterprise of foreign trade special funds policy support, help stroller export enterprise with extremely low costs to export credit insurance support.
Pinghu stroller industry accounts for more than 90% export than, export-oriented degree is extremely high. Leading enterprises have a certain proportion of export, small and medium-sized enterprises are through foreign trade company export agency. children cars  In pinghu stroller export market, developed countries account for is higher, export risk is differ. In the export way, way of settlement, customer qualification also the good and bad are intermingled. At the same time, pinghu stroller industry within the enterprise itself more management to strengthen the ability, in the customer management, accounts receivable management, the lack of a set of effective management mechanism, with great risks.
      Since the financial crisis, as the international export accounts receivable management tool export credit insurance, in pinghu local received great attention, ride on cars but the whole enterprise purchase only a stroller industry. Export credit insurance in help enterprise to obtain export proceeds risk guarantee, but also help export enterprise to promote risk management ability, strengthen trade competitiveness, is the international trade promotion means.
      The pinghu stroller industry for joint export credit insurance, is the industry association for the positive for the enterprise policy support and a model. Industry association set certain ginseng protect conditions, one is the association member enterprise, 2 it is to export, the purpose is to encourage enterprise gathered pace, bold direct export. Through the export credit insurance, stroller the enterprise can not receive foreign trade accounts receivable have claims, kids tricycle also can use export credit insurance to the guidance of its overseas customer credit reporting survey, improve receivables management level, also can be in the insurance on the basis of the export credit insurance for bank trade financing support, to broaden the financing channels, is fully staffed. The work by the association member enterprise value and the support, most enterprise positive ginseng protect, achieved
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