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The children do big car industry

      "Give full play to the professional cluster and stroller industry association leading enterprise demonstration role in driving the SanLe, the company will actively conducting market research, develop plan, to specialization, intensive, comprehensively promote industry scale." Anhui province ShuCheng SanLe stroller limited liability company chairman LingXianPing recently told reporters.
      It is reported, ShuChengXian existing stroller, children cars child's bed and related auxiliary member enterprise 37 home, there are 3 enterprises output value over one hundred million yuan, 19 enterprise owns or is being dealt with the right of import and export. The annual output of more than 20 million vehicles a complete set of stroller, achieve output of more than 20 to one hundred million yuan, the products sell like hot cakes in the domestic market, some also exported to Europe and America, southeast Asia, and other countries, and emerged in a SanLe, ShuBeiLe, love, ShuFu to, small child prodigy, a group of friends on the market have certain influential brand.
      In recent years, ShuChengXian stroller industry by introducing advanced management concept and mode, to strengthen the ability of independent innovation,ride on cars  enhance the brand effect, make the enterprise to grow rapidly.
      ShuCheng SanLe stroller limited liability company from at the beginning of the factory assets only 140000 yuan, it has become a covers an area of 17.33 hectares, the construction area of 64000 square meters, with total assets of 128 million yuan stroller, bed and related products manufacturer specialized, the scale of production for most in anhui province, 2011 annual sales income is two hundred million yuan. The company's chairman LingXianPing said that the second phase of the project will increase the wooden child's bed, children's electric vehicles, children and a stroller (bed) parts and other project, and to further improve the ShuCheng stroller industry in the country and world influence and visibility. At the same time the company plans to use two years time, invest 156 million yuan to build an annual output of 12 million cars stroller (bed), production value RMB 500 million yuan of production base. The production base is completed, will lead to more than 30 home related enterprise synchronized development.
Anhui the love children's products Co., LTD. Is a collection of r &d, production, sales for the integration of joint-stock enterprise, produce 6 series, more than 50 varieties of the stroller, child's bed products. Talking about the development of the enterprise vision, kids tricycle  the company's vice President WuMing hair with confidence: "5 years goal: to 2017 years ago, and strive to achieve sales income is 300 million yuan; 10 years goal: by 2021, sales income is 800 million yuan RMB, including the independent brand sales more than 500 million yuan."
      At present, ShuCheng stroller industry has developed rapidly, and has become a pillar industry of the county characteristics.
      "Quality improvement for this, creating the brand first, a strong drive the development". ShuChengXian pledges inspect bureau chief WangShuDong in talking about how to serve the regional economic development said firmly.
      To help enterprise to do the quality and management basic work, combined with the actual stroller industry, in the enterprise targeted for product quality promotion action, foster set up a batch of "small inspection of the quality of the big investment, improve" the scale of the enterprise. At the same time. The bureau also in the stroller enterprise in the establishment of a key "one to one" supporting system, and solve the enterprise in developing the problems faced. children tricycles  In addition, the council also has set famous brand product development scheme, the scale of more than 150 enterprises above wireless classification guidance, will be a group of high quality stroller enterprise in anhui famous brand product breeding programme. At present, it is positive preparation provincial stroller product quality inspection center, this as promote stroller industry developing fast effective ways to make ShuCheng stroller industry profit from the "quality" change, "quantity" to increase, "name" expansion.
      ShuChengXian stroller, director of the institute of industry, said the county will depend on the existing stroller industry foundation, introduced or cultivate a dominant industry and leading enterprises, positive extensions industry chain, developing expanding the number of size and level in the ranks of wan jiang urban industrial cluster, baby tricycle work hard to build a in the county by county development zone as the center, the professional town with peach stroller for the leading of the stroller industrial park, achieve one hundred million yuan enterprise new breakthrough, make industry revenues to step on to a new stage, and through the strive of the famous brand products, make ShuCheng become the well-known stroller industry base.
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