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2012, China stroller walked into the era"

      2012, China stroller industry will be into the "shun times"? Why do you say so?
      First, as a production enterprise, the product quality is pretty good, let consumer use up the ":" the "hand" shun "heart, the time all the". In 2008, according to 28 business opportunities nets baby young channel, we can see: stroller "safe age", "environmental protection era" puts forward, in fact, the "safety, environmental protection" is stroller itself should have basic attribute, to a firm foothold in the market, stroller must be safe and environmental protection, children cars this has become a basic common sense. So the idea is to make the disadvantages of enterprise in opponent's front, cause homogeneity, often results in failure. Thus segments of the market need to jump out find market competition.
      Hardcover stroller as an example to analyze, far zhuo brand planning company in service trine chronological, TongYue as a brand to come, to the stroller market sprung up, and the advantage of brand positioning must be in adding more new elements, in order to promote the rapid development of the brand. Create a new category will become a effective "new elements". For TongYue this enterprise flagship product brand, it must to segment the market, to create a new category. Combined with the characteristics TongYue stroller, concise, tong qu, environmental safety and so on, with identical or similar stroller market or the appeal and combined with the parents of the children expectations, combined with Chinese parents' consumption psychology features, will be the stroller market in two-with the hardcover hardcover, its TongYue karts for its "fine" buggies. Use "fine" line brand positioning, make more attractive, more stroller taste, more show class.
      Three years later, in 2011, we can see that the company produces ride on cars the stroller triad brand in the domestic market, especially the north are not common market performance. At the same time, in the field of production strength and buggies to product safety control, also received the international market acceptance. The company not only has the latest toy export license, and the production of products have been exported to the United States, Britain, Japan, Singapore and other developed countries.
      In the 2011 years later in the next five years, the company will through the second in research and development, production, and other aspects of the unremitting innovation, and through the and hangzhou far zhuo brand planning Co., LTD of cooperation, and strive to its TongYue stroller to fight a well known Chinese hardcover stroller first brand; The machine cat to fight a Chinese fashion stroller first brand; The trine shun stroller to fight a world stroller industry aircraft carrier hardcover. In 2012, China will be entering new era stroller, "the" era, i.e. : the second the leading of the stroller era.
      In order to meet the demands of the development of times hardcover stroller, conform to the  requirements of the development of world hardcover stroller, conform to the consumer to the quality of the stroller hardcover security requirements, the company put forward the triad of the development of the hardcover stroller "fine" strategy, namely: delicate tricycle  Product frame type is rich, the technology in decals, beautiful and easy; The lacquer that bake exquisite environmental protection, in line with the European standards. Seiko makes. Organize production according to the national standard strictly, strictly control the products supply, production shut and check shut off. Keep improving. To ensure product safety in use, and on the basis of all links do fine words from the article. Sincere service. To provide comprehensive and thoughtful, and consumers quick service. Elaborate support. Nurturing dealers team, and through to the actual combat ability training, they store display guidance and enhance their ability of betting market.
      Second, as a consumer, the choose and buy of the process also stroller the smooth, could not too much trouble, too anxious, is too confused, and, most unfavorable is, after a drive, to spend a lot of money, have a good stroller, to get the better of you, children ride up rather mood not suitable. Well, there are many brand is to work hard for it, for example, based on the development of hardcover stroller "fine" strategy, the second from the consumer's point of view,children tricycles focuses on the vivid "51 standard", on the one hand can let consumers facilitate supervision the stroller product quality triad, on the other hand, in order to facilitate consumers understand all kinds of childrens brand strength, moreover also can help stroller buyers for reference, the choice of good quality, brand strong stroller. The trine "51 standard" is: carry a carry, touch, and a shave, have a look, ride a horse.
      1. Carry a carry, feeling and judge the stroller weight. Mainly by the frame stroller weight steel pipe thickness decision, in a certain extent, stroller is the weight of the more again more firm, also is the more security.
      2. Touch surface: touch hands, legs, and surface stroller children may touch part, have without sharp tip, sharp edge and outstanding things.
      3. A shave coating: fingernails against coating, surface coating any apparent falls off phenomenon. A shave applique: fingernails against decals, surface are obviously seeing whether falls off phenomenon.
      4. Have a look enterprise: look for brand enterprise history, development scale, economic strength and brand personality, also want to consider its market share and product credit conditions. Take a look at components: see stroller chain cover whether covered the chain and sprocket wheel, the outer surface of the flywheel and edge and chain and sprocket wheel mesh the inner surface of the place. If did not cover these parts, the children's fingers could stretch into touch, it is possible to children's fingers jammed and damage. Take a look at welding point: look stroller welding surface point whether level off,   whether to have crack, burning through or not weld fully wait for blemish.
      5. Riding a horse. Ride on a ride, feeling and moderate:baby tricycle  feel stroller size is for your children. Especially the brakes as not suitable for size, it could cause the child not tight grip the gate, riding not brake the car, prone to accidents. Ride on a ride, feel the firmness: feel stroller welding parts and saddle part whether enough supporting force. Ride on a ride, feel flexible: feel the stroller of rotating components operation is flexible. Ride on a ride, feel close degree: feel the set and put the stroller whether there is relative rotation between tube. If combine not close, children ride a bicycle, is not easy to manipulate the set for skidding, prone to accidents.
      In 2012, China's stroller industry to strive to achieve the conform to the consumer demand, conform to the industry development needs, comply with the world hardcover stroller quality requirements, to struggle together, and lead the stroller industry successfully to enter the age ", let consumers use go your wayLet enterprise development smoothly, and let the industry smoothly.
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