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The a stroller trigger a Tears praise "fatherly Zhenru Mountain" font

Forwarding and hearing to be forwarded to the Sina microblogging forwarded to Sohu microblogging forwarded to Tencent microblogging forwarded to the QQ space to be forwarded to all network Douban forwarded to the forwarding to the mobile phone network to the trike for toddlers end of the year, Huijia look of affection topic is always hot, especially this year, we had just experienced a so-called doomsday "Aftermath", a lot of people pay more attention to the family. However, relative to the hands of line clothing "so nuanced motherly love, seemingly careless father always easily we ignore. Before World users a "noon today received a call from my father, could not stop the tears," the post, attracted a crowd of nearly 7,000 users. An ordinary dad an ordinary telephone stamp in the the netizens tears. Many netizens also brings me a little of his father. Maybe a tricycle for 2 year old mountain of fatherly love is this drip cumulative. Pro, you did not think you Baba?

A telephone, a bicycle, his father's love ...

Fact, this is called "wheat piggy ABC" friends sun is just a usual trivial noon and colleagues out to dinner, being talked enthusiastically received a call from my father. The beginning, he was a little bit impatient, urging Dad: "What is it ah? Dad, to make a long story short, I was eating it." Father excitedly said: "Today, I found your child's bike pack things I think of to get the Chengdu to give Yuanyuan play. "No, no, throw it. Yuanyuan certainly will not play." his father was a silence, and realized it said "Oh, that they might Well, you pay attention to the body Oh." phone hanging landlord suddenly remembered bicycle this year father day and night to earn extra money only to buy their own beloved toys.trikes for boys Dad therefore when to break the legs has to walk a little lame, "I love this bike more than anything else ... this thing I am my father has unusual significance! But today this attitude , and instantly the landlord could not stop the tears, so that landlord really feel boundless fatherly father in the bleak winter a phone, and I have not been informed a long time, I sent a text message: Dad, this week I took Yuanyuan back home. Yuanyuan also when most handsome bicycle ride! "After some sad, the landlord still post was last posted photos of a microblogging seems, a father figure in the bus chat with her ... all the way patiently to the side of her braids edge landlord laments: "they would understand, the father is really like a mountain!"
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