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Germany also hot domestic assets and stroller

      In the past two years, called "qi doll" stroller with novel, vogue, high quality, and many other advantages in hangzhou major supermarkets sell greatly, sales momentum gratifying. "Up to now, the export value of about 200 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25%, at the same time, the domestic market value also is as high as children cars 15 million yuan more than last year, domestic sales turned over more than four times." Located in the economic development zone deqing long time-vehicle industry, it is "qi doll's birthplace, general manager of the company LiYuGuang said with pride, from the current on this beautiful transcript to see, the company brought the marketing direction, to test the domestic market has been smashing of opposition.
      In the company during the interview, the reporter sees, each production workshop, everywhere is a busy scene, but the person's stroller floral modelling from the assembly line constantly were packed in the box. Long-bike is a company mainly devotes to the stroller specialized production factory, the company first-class production equipment and technology, ride on cars  and "giant", no less than taiwan-owned enterprise. And, before 2009, 100% of the products are exported, products are exported to more than 80 countries, wal-mart, tesco, KMAKE many chain stores such as everywhere "long-" stroller figure, only to Australia, it will include the stroller 70% market share, and in the international market in the fight, is brilliant, since the company was founded, keep more than 20% each year rise.
      "The domestic market is a big cake is taken seriously more and more." In a "qi doll" stroller production line, the LiYuGuang said that began in 2009, the company sold to try to get the big cake of the equation.
      The international market automatics all the way, however, the way to domestic is not smooth. The European and American market, stroller are in pursuit of sports, concise, the foot pedals are back to trample down brake system, as long as the characteristic according to, the design of the production of the stroller, all can be on the international market, kids tricycle  the hottest specialities. "Of course want the best products to our own children use." The market is cruel, LiYuGuang idea is very beautiful, have never thought, domestic parents had "an unappreciative", especially used to hand brake the parents, on the brake system don't adapt to, product promotion with difficulties.
      Therefore, long a bicycle company specially win domestic market product research and development team. After a lot of investigation realized, originally, currently in the domestic market, sell like hot cakes stroller need a car before the basket, or after for boxes and many accessories, bright color should be marked. Grasp the direction, can correctly "voyage", according to domestic consumer demand, "qi doll" series stroller arises at the historic moment.
      Many years of production experience and focus stroller advantage, make long-bike bottom spirit is dye-in-the-wood. LiYuGuang said, quality, price, as long as the key factors in the win, not sorrow no market. In a development design thousands of, children tricycles can in Europe and America market high threshold hoyywood hills, that proves a long-stroller of excellent quality. In addition, the advanced ERP material management system and scientific control cost system, and so on many production management system, make long-vehicle industry can hold effectively "the price" right.
      This time, the long-vehicle industry investment more than 500 yuan of the phase ii factory in ongoing equipment debugging. Advanced welding equipment will mount frame, this process after carrying out, can improve the degree of automation 4.5 times.
      The more the good news is, not long ago, baby tricycle with "long" stroller for the stroller flagship store name in hangzhou grand opening QingTai street. "The fight for five years to open 50 home stores." For the development of the domestic market, LiYuGuang "ambition" is large, and his goal is, 10 years "qi doll" to fight a national stroller famous brand, to make long-bike lead domestic stroller development trend.
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